24 March 2005

Why Would the GOP Pick a Gay Male Prostitute for Their "Fake News Reporter"

You can read all about here in this essay from Susie Bright's blog:

"Aggressive Verbal Dominant Top" Seeks Submissive Male Who Can Reinstate White House Press Pass

Susie is a sexuality-positive feminist writer and one of my favorite authors. Here's an excerpt from this essay about James Guckert (aka "Jeff Gannon," aka "Bulldog") and complicated relationship between closeted gay conservatives and the GOP:

I was reading some new posts on AmericaBlog, which is systemically outing every bigoted closet case, and fag-bashing fag in the GOP. You may know from their work, that Ken Mehlman, the chair of the Republican National Committee, is one of these gay-men-against-gay-men, the paradox of our age.

I know he isn’t a household name yet, but one day Mehlman and his brethren will be understood on the same level as Roy Cohn, or J. Edgar Hoover: classist, misogynist, elitist power whores who may be Kinsey 6 homosexuals, but who look in the mirror and whisper this:

“Mirror mirror on the wall, I am special and above it all.”

The Kinky Fascists feel entitled to fuck who they want and ruin who they want, because they believe they are a unique breed of men above other men. They say “to hell with gay marriage,” because they’d never do something that “weak.” Hate crimes are something that happens to nelly queens who deserve it. And women are bitches from hell that need to be kept on a leash until you need their venom for your enemies.

Sure, the hypocrites have deep-seated self loathing, but they’re in the driver’s seat of American conservative politics, baby! Power is better than a line of cocaine up their ass for that all-important self esteem buzz.

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