29 May 2005

Update on YRUU Steering Committee - UUA Administration Dispute

Here's the latest news that I have on the dispute between the current YRUU Steering Committee membership and the UUA Staff. This info comes from Joseph Santos-Lyon's blog:

Chalice Revolution (YRUU)
This resolution was drafted by a collective of youth concerned about the current state of affairs in continental YRUU. At this point I'm wondering about the impact of all these activities long term on the nature of UU campus ministry growth and deepening.

In extraordinary times we must take extraordinary action:

The Chalice Revolution

Sponsors: Nora Lindsey, Current YRUU Steering Committee member; Siri Larsen, Current YRUU Steering Committee member; Trevor Moomaw, Saint Lawrence District Youth Council Representative; Dale Brydon, Quebec, Ontario and Martimes Region Youth Council Representative; Sean Jones, YRUU Co-Continental Social Action Coordinator; Paul Phillips, Canadian At-Large; Naomi Rice Moir, 2004 Youth Council People of Color Caucus; Jessica Akhavein, Thomas Jefferson District Youth Council Representative; Kelsey Campbell, Pacific Northwest District Youth Council Representative; Erin Dunn, Ballou Channing District Youth Council Representative; Al Jensen, YRUU Co-Continental Social Action Coordinator; Kate Philipson, Metro New York Youth Council Representative

Point People: Tony Carpenter, Mountain Desert District Youth Council Representative; Emily Brunts, Central Mid-West District Youth Council Representative; Ian Moore, Mid-South District Youth Council Representative; Winters Geimer, Joseph Priestley District Youth Council Representative;

Primary aides: Julian Sharp, Youth Observer to the UUA Board; Westin Miller, Ohio-Meadville District Youth Council Representative

UU Principles: A free and responsible search for truth and meaning; The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large; The goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all.

Specific problem being addressed: The dysfunction and unhealthy dynamics at play in the current YRUU Steering Committee. The manipulation of steering committee members and the YRUU movement. The fact that Steering Committee is no longer in right relationship with the UUA.

Hope to achieve: The health and wellbeing of YRUU during the current Youth Ministry consultation process.

Short term goals: A safe, productive, and effective Youth Council 2005.

Steps to achieve: Steering Committee, the executive body of youth who lead the YRUU movement are no longer in right relationship with the UUA Youth Office. They cannot plan and run Youth Council. We strongly recommend the following action be taken:

Steering Committee relinquish authority over the planning and running of Youth Council to the following group, who shall be referred to as the Youth Council Leadership Team:

1. Three Youth Council members. One should be a person of color.

2. Two People of Color Caucus members.

3. Three adults. One should be a minister. At minimum one should be a person of color.

4. The UUA Youth Office

Evaluation: The Youth Office, including the June YPS Lilly Sparks should fill all positions. Current Steering Committee members are not excluded. We welcomingly encourage current Steering Committee members who are interested to join the team, but as individuals working with a team and not steering committee members.

Long term goals: To make sure YRUU is at a healthy place during the renewing and revisioning of Youth Ministry. To make sure YRUU has a voice in the process and outcome.

Local and district/regional resources: Leaders.

Resources YRUU has that will be used: Leaders/People Power.

Financial impact: The team should have access to phone conferences and one face to face meeting. Possibly before, during or after GA and/or two days before Youth Council.

Point of Clarification: The Youth Council Leadership Team is specific to the 2005 Youth Council, and will disband thereafter.

We expect to have a response by Tuesday May 10, 2005. We hope Steering Committee makes a responsible decision with the best interest of YRUU in mind.

Please direct your written response to: Trevor Moomaw at DJNinja312@aol.com.

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