20 January 2006

Interim Report of the Ft. Worth GA Special Review Commission

The Interim Report of the Ft. Worth GA Special Review Commission is now available online. This report will require Adobe Acrobat Reader Software for viewing.

This report is a last-minute addition to the UUA Board January 2006 meeting pre-packet. The entire pre-packet contents can be found online here.


Jeff Wilson said...

Interesting reading, thanks for making it available, Steve.

LaReinaCobre said...

Thanks for providing the link to this, Steve.

Steve Caldwell said...

Given the volume of online comments on this incident last summer based on guesswork and conjecture (including my comments which were based on guesswork and conjecture), I'm surprised that no one is blogging about this now that we have a report in our hands.

It was a learning experience for me to read Janice Marie Johnson's comment in the report that "How did you find our faith?" was the "most difficult question for a UU of color to hear."

I could see myself saying this without thinking and not realizing that this question could be harmful to some of us.

LaReinaCobre said...

I am surprised, too, Steve. Surprised, but also a little bit relieved. One thing about Janice's comment is that it's not so much the question as how it is asked. At least, that is my feeling. I am always happy to tell people how I came to UUism when they ask truly wanting to know. =)