26 July 2006

Susie Bright and Greta Christina -- Commentary on Awestruck Skepticism

I would recommend reading Greta Christina's blog and Susie Bright's blog commentary on transcendent skepticism.

I think it's relevant to the "language of reverence" discussions happening in Unitarian Universalism and what role that skeptical Humanists will have in developing a language of reverence. Here's a brief sample from Susie Bright's blog where she quotes Greta's blog:
Blogger Greta Christina has just lost her temper with notion that "God is in the details," as lovely as that may sound from a lyrical perspective.
It is entirely possible to be a skeptic, an agnostic, and/or an atheist— regarding all metaphysical beliefs, not just deities or organized religions— and still lead a rich, satisfying life, full of creativity and connection and love.

More to the point, it is possible to be a skeptic, an agnostic, and/or an atheist, and still experience awestruck wonder at the mysterious majesty of the universe, and a feeling of transcendent oneness with it.


Mickbic said...

I thought the article in the Summer 2006 UU World on Reverence served no one's best interest. LANGUAGE OF REVERENCE is David Bumbaugh's ceramic barn, and I do not know if he has weighed in in a good while on this issue. Has he?

I like David myself. Met him in 2004 in Chattanooga, TN where I live.

GiaCurti said...

Because my sense of the universe as spirit is so much part of who I am, I often forget that for others it is equally alive, but still full of questions, doubts, and for some, not defined anywhere close to what theists imagine.
thanks for sharing.