23 August 2007

Watch "This World: Race Hate in Louisiana" (BBC Documentary)

Watch this BBC documentary on racism, segregation, threats of lynching, and racially-motivated injustice in Jena, Louisiana.

The All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church Board in Shreveport, Louisiana voted unanimously to have a special congregational meeting after church on 9 September 2007 to discuss a resolution in support of the Jena Six and to discuss what actions the congregation might want to take to support them.


David Oliver Kling said...

It makes me really sad to see that minorities are still treated this way in the south. It seems that we are still living in the dark ages in some parts of the country! Where is the justice?

Anonymous said...

This documentary emphasizes the ignorance that remains in society today with respect to racist attiudes and behavior. To say that the noose was a harmless joke, or that it wasn't done to encite a response from the very people it was intended to offend is even more ignorant. Jenna and all of Louisiana need to know that we (Blacks) are not going to continue putting up with this nonsense and we definitely are coming to Jenna for Justice!!!