08 November 2007

Quiz: What kind of Christian are you?

I retook the "What kind of Christian are you?" Beliefnet quiz again tonight.

My score (105 on a scale of 0 to 400) is slightly different from the first time that I took this quiz, but the category result remained unchanged.

Apparently, I'm still a "Bishop Spong Christian" -- here's a breakdown for the scale used in this quiz:
I think my result comes from reading too much Jesus Seminar, John Dominic Crossan, Bishop Spong, etc -- I don't believe in God and no quiz answer I gave required my belief in the divine.

Yet somehow I'm considered a "Bishop Spong" Christian even though I don't believe in what most Christians traditionally believe about God, Jesus, his birth, his death, etc -- very puzzling.

I wonder what result other Unitarian Universalists would get on this quiz.


ogre said...

How... droll. I got 147--high end "Spong Christian," and I'm not now, nor ever have been any sort of Christian.

Mama G said...

Interesting. I have taken this quiz several times. Today I scored a 141 which is in the "Spong Christian" range. Frankly, I think I'm more and more like a Hillary Clinton Christian. I'm only a few points away and some of Spong's ideas are a little too antagonistic for me. I think of myself as a member of Christian Left.

Anonymous said...

Bishop Spong is not really a Christian. He does not believe in the incarnation nor in the virgin birth nor in the resurrection of Jesus Christ...foundational doctrines in the Christian faith. Therefore since you say you don't believe in God, being a Spong kind of "Christian" is exactly what you are...Spong doesn't believe in those things either. He wrote a book, i think the title is "why Christianity must change or it will die..." or something like that.

Steve Caldwell said...

Anonymous -- who died and left you in charge of deciding who is and who isn't a Christian?

Oh yeah -- I forgot - Jesus died and left you in charge. How convenient.


There are plenty of folks who consider themselves Christian who do not believe in a literal virgin birth or a literal resurrection.

You may consider their view heretical but they still fall within the diversity of Christianity as it exists today.

Anonymous said...

To Steve - I wholeheartedly agree to your point that it is not up to 'literal Christians' / fundamentalists / evangelicals to decide that 'liberal Christians' are not Christians - this is a matter of linguistics rather than religion. However I also agree with anonymous in that 'literal Christians' cannot classify liberal Christianity as "the same tream". For those that believe Jesus did something for us in his death, that he does something in us by giving us a new heart, and that he does his work through us, Spong's beliefs are entirely incompatible.
from an amateur blog-reader who would put his name on his comment but doesn't know how (we evangelicals always have been a little slow to catch onto new ideas) :^)