12 January 2008

More Tidbits From Free Computer Trade Publications

Here's some useful tidbits for the volunteer website and computer support person working in a small congregation ...

Useful information on Facebook apps for congregational social networking
Review: The good, the bad and the ugly of Facebook apps
Today's hottest social networking site includes thousands of free applications. Here are the best and worst for business, blogging and more.

People-management skills for the often-volunteer IT and website person a small congregation
The 5 users you meet in hell (and one you'll find in heaven)
Recognize any of these people -- the Know-It-All? The Finger-Pointer? The Whiz Kid? We thought so ...

Generational differences that will affect congregational governance and how one works with volunteers
IT Faces Stiff Challenge From Emerging Workforce
The children of baby boomers will expect collaboration tools and less-structured processes.

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