29 February 2008

Funny Unitarian Universalist Quote ...

This isn't a quote from a Unitarian Universalist but a quote about Unitarians from a reader of the Pharyngula science blog responding to PZ Meyers' response on the recent Pew Report on American Religion ("America: slouching towards the Enlightenment"):
"I'm still not getting up early on Sunday to hear crappy music with a bunch of touchy-feely neckbeards, but let's give the Unitarians their props for an interesting history."
I guess we could add this to various reasons for not attending church currently in the UU blogosphere.

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Robin Edgar said...

Well, as you and other U*U bloggers know Steve, I make a point of attending U*U "church" quite regularly precisely because the "music", indeed the insulting and defamatory "jazz". . . of alleged Unitarian Church of Montreal is so crappy. I give the Montreal Unitarians their props for an interesting history two or three Sundays a month. ;-)