16 April 2008

Science Teacher Fired For Not Teaching "Intelligent Design"

Hat tip to Expelled Exposed web site for pointing out this YouTube video clip:

Description from YouTube: "Chris Comer, a Science Teacher in Texas was Expelled for not teaching Intelligent Design in her science class. It's a scary day indeed when our science teachers get fired for recognizing that creationism is not science."


Anonymous said...

Just so that you know, stating that creationism has nothing to do with science is a very ignorant thing to say. it might mean that you haven't done your homework, eh. you should watch the movie Expelled with Ben Stein when it comes out

Steve Caldwell said...

If I'm ignorant, point me towards the scientific evidence.

What peer-reviewed methodologically sound research is out there that supports creationism?

Furthermore, scientific theories (by definition) have to be potentially falsifiable or testable. How would you test a creationism or intelligent design theory in such a way that you could disprove the designer theory?

Also, how would you distinguish between the "intelligent designer" effects and the "mindless algorithmic" effects of modern evolutionary theory? Using your theories as predictive models, what would you expect to find in the world and how would your predictions be different from the evolutionary theory predictions?

If ID or creationism theories cannot be tested experimentally, then it's not science. If ID or creationism theories do not make predictions that we can test, then neither is a useful scientific theory.

I'm planning on watching Expelled when it comes out on DVD -- I'm cheap and I really don't want to spend my hard-earned money on a poorly done propaganda film (basing this on the reviewers' reports who have seen the movie).

I'll wait for Netflix to rent it to me.

Patrick Goetz said...

Anonymous coward writes:
"Just so that you know, stating that creationism has nothing to do with science is a very ignorant thing to say."

If by related you mean that creationism is the antithesis of science, then you are correct, but most people don't use language this way. Science is defined by a methodology of determining facts about the world around us, creationism is based on an ideology of superstition. These are basically opposites.