12 July 2008

Bloggingheads Video Clip -- "Science Saturday: The Young and the Restless"

Check out the Blogginghead online conversation between Abigail Smith (University of Oklahoma grad student and blog author of erv) and PZ Myers (University of Minnesota - Morris professor and blog author of Pharyngula).

An excellent explanation of the importance of Richard Lenski's research on evolutionary biology of bacteria during this discussion can be found here.

The portion of this discussion related to recent Bill Donohue-PZ Myers dispute can be found here.

Background info on the Donohue-Myers dispute can be found here and here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi guys:

I really enjoyed that blogging heads.I'd like to make a little comment on one of the things you mentioned,though, about grad school.You mentioned that it's a really good idea to join a summer research program to get to see what it's like working in a lab.

What I'd like to add to this is that there is a huge variety of different sorts of research available,both within and between different disciplines.Some people work in labs.Some people design instruments.Some people program computers.Some people work purely with pencil and paper.Some people do a lot of work out in the field.

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