05 July 2008

Does this describe a "typical" Unitarian Universalist?

I ran across this web site after reading an interview with the author.

Much of this list describes a very common demographic group in Unitarian Universalist congregations. Much of this list would describe (in biting satirical accuracy) a "stereotypical" Unitarian Universalist.

Check out the complete list here.

Given the population demographic trends presented in Rev. Peter Morales' opening speech at the 2008 General Assembly candidates forum, this is an area for future work.


Scott Wells said...

So, perhaps highlighting more SWPL?

moreover said...

To stereotype, or not to stereotype, that is the question.
Actually, such group identity perceptions don't come out of nowhere. Ask any of my fellow psychology students who have long since defected into fine tuning marketing to appeal to specific demographics. They're raking in the cash because they've become very good at it.
No, those of us who do not live mainly among their own crowd - by choice or by accident - often live in a cocoon: we tend to segregate ourselves.
However, I'm glad you bring Peter Morales' argument into play, because things really are about to change massively within the next decade. If UU has no appeal to Latinos and Asians and mixed race folks because it oozes Whiteness, we're toast (white toast). There's a real dangers for successful churches here: if they're doing fine locally because they're doing an excellent job at catering to the usual crowd they might lose sight of that changing demographic and not be proactive. That's what scared me the most about Rev Laurel Hallman: she proclaims 'our free faith is unstoppable', but that simply ain't true. It's been declining ever since. Sounds like the old ivory tower delusion to me that the truth you have found will eventually become universally accepted - sorry, Rev. Hallman, geological time scale is too slow for me.