19 October 2009

Theodicy Explained ...

Thanks to "Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal" for this concise explanation.


Desmond Ravenstone said...

The worst explanation I've heard for the existence of evil is that "the universe is fallen" - human sin threw all of creation out of whack, and that's why so many things go wrong.


Seriously, it is. It says that human sin is more powerful than the power of a personal deity to create and govern the universe. Or, at the very least, that such a deity is incapable of anticipating such a turn of events.

The only theodicy which makes sense is one which redefines "God" as less than all-powerful and all-knowing ... and even those raise some serious questions.

So, here's my response:
1) We can't agree that there's a deity, or even the nature of that deity.
2) We can agree that there's suffering in the world.
3) We can agree that each of us has a limited lifespan.
4) Given our limited lifespans, and the existence of suffering, does it make more sense trying to alleviate as much suffering as we can, or trying to get everyone else accept our religious beliefs?

Green Monk said...

Hee hee! Great comic.